Computer Skills

  • I have been successfully completed a one-year training course on Post Graduate Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (PGD-in-ICT) from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh. The course included;
    1. Computer Programming Concept Using C/C++
    2. Computer Organization and Architecture
    3. Database Management System
    4. Information system analysis and design
    5. Data structure and Algorithm
    6. Operating System Concept and UNIX
    7. Visual and Internet Programing using Java
    8. Web Programing
    9. Data Communication and Computer Networks
    10. Software Engineering and Application Development
    11. Interactive Multi-Media Design and Development
    12. Electronic Commerce
  • Analytical skills
    1. Skill to use in software (including SurveyMonkey, Survey CTO, Qualtrices, MStatC, SPSS, ArcGIS, STATA, AMOS and R, etc.
    2. Experience to analysis on random and fixed effect modeling by panel data, Panel unit root testing, Co-integration test, Unit root testing, Vector error correction modeling (VECM), Error correction modeling (ECM), Vector auto-regression modeling (VAR), Structural equation modeling (SEM), Regression analysis, Granger causality test, Lag selection, Removal of serial correlation, VECM modeling, Conversion a variable into stationary, White noise in the residual and Forecasting in VAR by using STATA.
  • Practical experience to develop a website (by WordPress)