Administrative skills

I have a experience in quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies and using different research techniques, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent interpersonal, team-working and communication skills, report writing skills, confidence in using statistical techniques and computer-based programs, project management skills, accuracy and attention to detail, flexible approach to work, with the ability to work on several different research projects at once, and organization skills, excellent time management and the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Verbal Communication [Advising, Advocacy, Counseling, Establishing Rapport, Interacting Effectively with Diverse Clientele, Interpersonal, Interviewing, Persuasion, Presentation, Providing Constructive Criticism and Role playing]

Written Communication [Care Planning, Case Management, Coordinating, Customizing Treatment Plans, Documentation, Organization, Record Keeping, and Resource Coordination]

Critical Thinking [Analytical Skills, Devising Case Plans, Evaluation, Identifying Issues, Prioritizing, Problem Assessment, and Problem Solving]

Boundary Setting [Emotional Resilience, Ethics, Maintain Professional Relationships, Objectivity, Professionalism, Self-awareness, Self-evaluation and Time management]