Results Interpretation Guideline in STATA

Sl. No.Results Interpretation Guideline in STATADownload
1.Data Preparation & Descriptive StatisticsPDF
2.Getting Started in Data Analysis Using StataPDF
3.Data Preparation & Descriptive Statistics-2PDF
4.Data VisualizationData VisualizationPDF
5.Differences-in-Differences using STATAPDF
6.Econometrics Panel data modelsPDF
7.Panel Data Analysis Fixed and Random Effects Using StataPDF
8.Getting Started in Factor Analysis (Using Stata 10)PDF
9.Getting Started in Frequencies Crosstab Factor and RegressionGetting Started in Frequencies Crosstab Factor and RegressionPDF
10.Getting StartGetting Started in Logit and Ordered Logit Regressioned in Logit and Ordered Logit RegressionPDF
11.Merge or Append Using StataPDF
12.Multilevel AnalysisPDF
13.Multiple Imputation of Missing Data Using Stataata Using StataPDF
14.Predicted Probabilities and Marginal Effects after ordered l…s after ordered l…PDF
15.Regression joint test (F test)PDF
16.Time Series Data in STATAPDF
17.Using outreg2 to report regression output, descriptive statisticsPDF
18.Using Stata in AdroitPDF
19.Using Stata in ApportoPDF
20.Total Factor Productivity (TFP) in STATAVideo
21.Total Factor Productivity (TFP) LectureVideo
22.Missing Data ImputationPDF
23.Multiple Imputation of Missing Data Using StataPDF
24.Applied Panel Data Analysis
Using Stata
25.Difference in DifferencePDF
26.Some Stata Basic CommendsPDF
27.Introduction to path analysis using StataPDF
28.Instrumental variable solution to endogeneityInstrumental variable solution to endogeneityPDF
29.Combining and CollapsCombining and Collapsing Data Using STATAing Data Using STATAPDF
30.Data Management Using Data Management Using Stata Part IStata Part IPDF
31.Export Regression resulExport Regression results from STATA to MS WORDts from STATA to MS WORDPDF
32.Pairwise Correlation using stataPDF